The SENSE System

The SENSE System, developed by SENSE Offshore Limited, is a new integrated solution for transporting, installing and servicing offshore wind turbines. It allows the rotor nacelle assembly of the turbine to be installed and removed using an offshore construction vessel and without the requirement for a jack-up or large crane ship and within short weather windows. SENSE is particularly competitive where turbines are installed in deep waters and/or in locations far from shore.

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Research so far using conservative cost estimates shows that the use of the SENSE System on a shallow water site will reduce the lifetime cost of energy (LCoE) by around 4%. This cost benefit is expected to increase to 9% or higher as the design is refined. The predicted cost savings for a deep water site (>70m), farther away from land and with larger (10MW) turbines are even greater.

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Investment Opportunity

SENSE Offshore is looking for commercial/investment partners.

We are now planning the next stage of development to bring our technology to market within 4 years. To do this we need to significantly accelerate the pace of development, for which we need both investment and industrial partners.

We are looking to raise funds for an Innovate UK Energy Catalyst application that is currently under way for an award of up to £1.5m. This project will carry out detailed design and engineering and onshore scale tests to demonstrate the SENSE System in preparation for undertaking a full-scale test offshore.

Be part of a revolution

Investment is welcomed from an existing construction company looking to expand its offering to the offshore wind industry to include large turbine installation and maintenance, or from a new entrant wishing to join this growing and substantial market.

We believe this is a unique opportunity to get in right at the start of something which could revolutionise the offshore wind industry.

If you are interested, please get in touch directly with Patrick Geraets () or George Ballard ().