About SENSE Offshore Limited

SENSE Offshore Ltd was formed by Patrick Geraets and George Ballard to develop the SENSE technology. The company holds all the intellectual property resulting from its development.

Patrick Geraets

The company is led by Patrick Geraets who has a track record of managing technical innovation and has over 28 years experience in the wind industry as well as experience working offshore in oil and gas.

Patrick is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer. He has been involved in detail design and developing innovative technology with the Wind Energy Group and subsequently managing wind farm operations, failure investigations and performance assessment with NEG Micon.

George Ballard

George Ballard has extensive experience deploying innovation and unique technology developments to solve specific problems as well as providing structural and engineering design resources via his GBG Group companies and consultancies in the UK, USA and Australia. George is Chairman of GBG Group.

George leads a team of review engineers, appointed by various financial institutions and developers to review and validate structural designs for both onshore and offshore wind farms.

Contact us

To get in touch, please contact Patrick Geraets () or George Ballard ().

Feasibility study group - Innovate UK 2016 award

Supporting the development of SENSE we have bought together a team drawn from several other consultancies.

PHG Consulting Ltd - consultancy providing secondment of management and technical resources.

GBG - consultancy providing secondment of management and technical resources.

Industrial Systems and Control Ltd - a leader in the field of control systems for mechanical handling in the marine environment. ISC is developing the control system and sensors for the vessel to tower transfer system.

BVG Associates Ltd - provides industry leading consultancy on economics, supply chain, project due diligence, technology review and energy policy. BVG has developed a special LCoE cost model for SENSE and provides supply chain and market information.

Knowtra Ltd - expertise in ocean modelling and statistical simulation of weather downtime for vessels.

Mojo Maritime Ltd / James Fisher Marine Services Ltd - a project management, engineering and consultancy services with particular expertise in wind, wave and tidal energy. JFMS has undertaken a review of the SENSE concept and is providing advice on marine operations and vessel types.